Topics & Sessions


EMET 2016 will bring together experts from all over the world to share practical experiences, innovative ideas and strategies for reducing costs, maximizing return and value creation on issues related to planning, design, operation and maintenance.



Furnace Performance Improvement

This topic will focus on maximizing operating efficiency of furnaces. Enhancing the productivity of furnaces has always been one of the priorities for the producers. We are looking for abstracts that address this challenge and provide solutions to ensure proficiency. i.e. Operation, Optimization, Design Enhancements including Thermal Efficiency, Steam Generation, Feed Impurities Removal, Decoking Cycle, Cracking Yields, Advancement in Life Coil Metallurgy, Coil Geometry, etc.

Critical Equipment Reliability and Integrity

This topic will cover the methods of improving equipment reliability, mechanical integrity, and safety of critical equipment other than furnaces such as Compressors, Major Steam Turbines, Turbo Expanders, Cold box, incinerators, Distillation Towers, etc. Abstracts can share best practices for performance monitoring methodologies.

Energy Conservation and Sustainability

Energy efficiency improvement is a key factor in reducing costs and increase predictable earnings, especially in times of high energy-price volatility. Abstracts under this topic can cover solutions to areas of major energy loss, efficiency improvement solutions, reduction of waste generation including GHG, Spent Caustic Treatment, minimizing Hydrocarbon Flaring and Flare Emissions Reduction etc.

Maintenance Planning & Execution- Best Practices

In a fast changing world, rapid technology developments have accelerated the aging of plants to levels that challenge the feasibility of plants. Regular planning and maintenance is key to managing plant reliability. How do you accomplish effective Ethylene Plant Turn Around planning and execution during the complete TA cycle and Asset life cycle? Ethylene plant Turn Around Planning and Execution Best Practices, Risk Based Inspections, Corrosion Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance with the aim at improving Plant Reliability during the complete Turn Around cycle and Asset life-cycle

Feed and Production Optimization

This topic will cover overcoming feedstock constraints and cracking alternative feeds. Production is dependent on optimizing process conditions and feed alternatives. Abstracts that report solutions on the Feedstock and Production Optimization & Application and Maintaining Advanced Process Control Solutions are encouraged Through Sharing Best Practices of Feed and Production Optimization. i.e. using Online Optimization Tools and Advance Process Control to overcome feed constraints and cracking alternate feeds, mixed feed optimization/maximization etc.

Process Safety

This stream will focus on abstract related to the elements of process safety of the Ethylene plant – awareness, risk identification, management and mitigation, near-misses & incident investigation.